I would like to share with you, the most common questions, I have been asked by buyers and answers to these questions
1-whats the price range of the vehicles?
-Our current price range from 2,900-8,990.
2-Does the vehicle have any Rust?
-We avoid at any cost, buying any cars that have structural rust issue on the frame and on the body.
3-Is the vehicle reliable?
-We buy vehicles based on the maintenance history of the previous owners. We pay close attention to any major repair that have been done prior to the purchase. Most of our vehicles are driven for at least 200 miles to make sure everything is good. Full and complete inspection before listing it for sale.
4-Is there any type of warranty?
-Yes, we offer our warranty which include covers engine and transmission, and electrical problems. We offer one month warranty for any vehicle over 100k and 60 days for vehicle with less 80k miles. We also have extended third party warranty, available to purchase.
5-How financing work?
-We have great financing option for most of the credit situations. We deal with many local banks and financing companies to get the best terms and monthly payments. Applying is very easy. All you have to do is go to the website and click on financing. Once we receive the application, we will forward to one bank. if not approved we will try the second one and So on..We will call or text you and give you the numbers of monthly payment and the# of terms.
6- How long it will take to get me approved.
-it will take only 10 minutes to hear the answer. In extreme cases, it will take one day. You Can drive off with new car after we sign the paperwork and most important the full coverage insurance is a must have.
7-Does it effect and affect my credit score if I did multiple applications with other dealerships?
-The answer is as long as you did the application within 14 days period it will count as a single credit application.
8- What is the the down payment.
-Down payment start at 10% of the car price. The more down payment, the less finance charges. APR starts at 3.99%.
9-Do you offer any discounts?
-We offer discounts for anyone who served or currently serving in military. Special offers on Holidays and on moving out overstocked inventories.